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Kingdom Enlightenment is an Apostolic Equipping Center located in the Houston, Texas area.


Vision: Globally developing Kingdom and Marketplace Leaders through Christ centered spiritual growth, gift awareness, Marketplace Equipping, ethics strategies, and leadership development.

Morris and April Moore

This is a must read for churches today!

This book is a powerful tool and very much needed to the body of Christ! It answered a lot of questions that I had concerning gifts and callings and brought clarity to each function. It’s very easy to read and understand. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone I know!

- Colleen Campa, Amazon Reviewer

This book makes lofty concepts very practical and easy to understand...

We are no doubt in the Information Age, however amidst all of the information floating around all over the place, I still found myself ignorant to the inner workings of the gifts and callings God bestowed on His people. THIS BOOK makes lofty concepts very practical and easy to understand! It is filled with sound, biblical revelation! It is so valuable and needed for individuals, local ministries and the body of Christ as a whole! With the harvest coming in by the droves, we need to be equipped in order to equip them and help them tap into their Gifts and Callings! Best money I've spent this year... easy!

- Amazon Reviewer

A Great Book...

I had many questions and the writer answered them. The writing was easy enough to understand. It was like I was drinking every Word. There is life in every point made. There is a personal activation in reading these pages. Thank you!

- Denise Britt, Amazon Reviewer


I have been telling my friends about this book. I read chapter one and started two. I am mind blown April Moore made this so plain yet engaging. I know that this book will help me walk heavy in my gifts.

- Aisha Nauling, Amazon Reviewer

I recommend that all Pastors and Teachers get this book and ...

I purchased April's book on Kindle. The quality and content of this book is fabulous. As a teacher in the body of Christ, this is the type of scriptural based content that is needed in order to teach this spiritual concept. I recommend that all Pastors and Teachers get this book and do a study on this very important subject. I am so excited and blessed to have been a part of something so phenomenal that God just blessed me with such a grand opportunity. I'm Godly proud of your work April and know that you are anointed to teach and bring the fire out in those you touch.

- Meme Spearman, Author and Amazon Reviewer

Excellent Book...

What an amazing book! Easy to read, packed with information that leaves you desiring to learn more. A must read for everyone.

- Aisha Shepard, Amazon Reviewer

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